Maserati Racing Academy Returns: 2015 Maserati Trofeo World Series Approaches

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Enjoy a spectacular display of racing skills and showmanship as the Maserati Racing Academy launches the Trofeo World Series for its sixth season. This highly anticipated global event takes place across three different continents and features three new circuits this year. Watch the action unfold as gentlemen drivers race each other for coveted titles, including the Overall Trofeo, Twin Drivers Cup, Single Driver Cup, Pole Position Award, Trofeo Under-30 and the Trofeo Over-50.

Circuit Locations
France will proudly host the first circuit of the Trofeo World Series at Paul Ricard on April 26. Racers will then prepare to face a new track on May 24 in Spielberg, Austria before racing another brand new track in Wisconsin, USA on June 28. The race continues on August 23 in Danville, Virginia, then picks up again on October 25 when racers compete on the third new track of the season in Suzuka, Japan. The final stage of the race series will take place in Abu Dhabi, which has seen the return of Trofeo for three years in a row.
Enjoy the excitement as you watch highly skilled drivers showcase their expertise and the power of their vehicles. In addition to competing for a variety of titles, The program will begin with the Maserati Racing Academy on March 21 & 22 in Vallelunga (Italy) where new drivers will have the opportunity to train under the expert eye of professional instructors and drivers.
Two separate classes based on the drivers’ ability are planned: beginners for those with no experience of competition and experienced for those with track know-how. At the end of the ‘course’, participants will have the chance to take the test that allows entry into the Trofeo World Series (FIA Internazionale C).
Two top drivers will also be rewarded with an opportunity to race at the opening round of the season free of charge. They will also be privileged to learn from renowned instructors and drive a prestigious Maserati during the weekend. 

The cost of the basic package is €9,500 (all prices exclude tax) and provides students with a complete overview, including in-depth theoretical sessions about track techniques and regulations as well as intense stints on the track. For those aiming to take part in a real race, a promotional package that includes the Racing Academy, the pre-season group test session and Race 1 in the 2015 Trofeo, is available for €25,000. Get the latest updates for the 2015 Racing Academy here.

Maserati race 2015 

Race Changes for 2015
This year, you will notice a few changes to the race format, including the addition of three brand new tracks and other minor changes designed to level the playing field for race participants. Additionally, the top three race finishers will have a handicap added (10kg for third place, 30kg for second-place and 50kg for first-place). Find more academy racing details here.
Watch the Excitement
If you love fast-paced races and excitement, be sure to follow the Maserati Racing Academy as they battle for coveted titles in the 2015 Trofeo World Series. Experience what it's like to take part in a Maserati Trofeo series race.

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